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We notify you when you cross paths
with an old friend

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Reconnect in-person

You get notified automatically when your friend enters your same city

Solo travel, YES

Showing up alone somewhere? Get notified if anyone you have met along your journeys is there. You may be suprised.

Built for nomads

On the road a lot and not sure if you have any friends near you? We will let you know.

No location sharing

The friends you add can't track your location and you can't track theirs. Want to go off the grid? Check out our ghost mode!

Our story

Boy and girl near van

We are two students that took the semester off to live in a van and travel around the United States climbing. Through this experience we met some awesome people and would always say, "if we are ever in the same place again we should hang out." The problem became we could be parked a mile away from eachother and would never know unless we were constantly texting. Our goal by building Cerca is to generate more serendipitous in-person moments where you can get automatically reconnected with an old friend.

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